Waldner Cup – A Table Tennis Invitational

Waldner Summit

The China-Europe Dialogue

Welcome to one of the most important meeting arenas for promoting dialogue between China and the West. The most influential parties in business, technology, and politics are invited to join the Waldner Summit, with an ambition to facilitate collaboration and establish new partnerships.

Dialogue and collaboration across borders is a necessity to succeed in the enormous transformation set out by the ambitious climate goals of nations across the world. The Waldner Summit will serve as a promoter and platform for these alliances to be made in the green and blue economy.

Herman Van Rompuy
Herman Van Rompuy
President Emeritus of the European Council
The Waldner Summit is a unique opportunity for dialogue and collaboration between the east and west on important topics that are essential to our shared future
Erik Solheim
Erik Solheim
Former UN Environment Executive Director
I’m genuinely excited to be a part of this movement, and can’t wait to speak with representatives from various industries at the summit


Green Finance

Financial services provided for economic activities that are supportive of environmental improvement, climate change mitigation and more efficient resource utilization are highly supported by China and Europe.

Investment into the future: European Green and the Green Silk road

China and the EU are investing a considerable amount of money in sustainable development. And public investment will be the most powerful engine of the green transition.

Green Shipping - Quest for the Carbon neutrality in Maritime industry

International shipping is a large and growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Both the EU and China have taken measures to tackle these emissions, which plays an important role in achieving carbon neutrality goals.

Hydrogen - From green energy to innovation: opportunities for the energy sector in Hydrogen scale-up

Hydrogen created by renewable energy is expected to play an essential role in helping the EU and China to achieve carbon neutrality.

Green digitalization

It is well-recognized for China and the EU that digital transformation and connectivity will be vital for developing more innovative, interconnected, and efficient economies and societies in recovering from the COVID-19 crisis for years to come.

Offshore wind

China and Norway are both global leaders in offshore wind energy. China has 20% of the world's installed capacity for bottom-fixed offshore wind, leading the pace with Germany and the UK. Norwegian energy and technology companies are heavily involved in bottom fixed and floating wind projects in the North Sea and Americas, and are moving into Asian markets.

Sustainable battery industry

As the industrial landscape shifts with the rising tide of electrification, new global value chains for sustainable batteries emerge, and a new regulatory framework sets global standards for its development.

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